IELTS AC Writing Task 1 diagram: Cambridge 12 Test 6, two maps of Islip town with strategies, model answer and expert comments

This post deals with IELTS Writing Task 1 Diagram (map). This diagram is taken from Cambridge IELTS 12 Test 6, two maps showing development planned in Islip town. The post clarifies your ideas about some maps and the band 8.0 model answer here gives you a general idea of writing a good answer which can lead you to a great band score. Expert comments below the answer will give you an idea of how your answer is judged.

IELTS AC Writing Task 1 diagram: Cambridge 12 Test 6, two maps of Islip town with strategies, model answer and expert comments

In IELTS Academic Writing Task 1, different Kinds of map questions can be given. Yet, the followings are most common. So, we can divide maps into three major categories.

  • Describing one map in the present/current time.
  • Describing two maps – one in the present/current time and the other in the future.
  • Describing two maps – one in the past and the other in the present.

Here, you need to remember that type 2 is the most common while type 1 is quite rare. The following model answer is taken from Cambridge IELTS 12 Academic Test 6 Task 1, where two maps are provided, one is the current picture of a small town named Islip while the other is the planned development which is yet to occur.

Strategies for writing this Task 1 answer:

  1. Remember that you must write a minimum of 150 words.
  2. You must focus on the all the major and eye-catching information and describe them in brief.
  3. Do not explain your answer too much. You won’t get more marks for writing more.
  4. Your vocabulary range will define your writing level. So, use linkers and uncommon words for the description.
  5. Your answer must contain an introduction, an overview (if possible), a detailed description, and a closing statement.
  6. Remember to paraphrase the title of the Task 1 question.
  7. In the description part, use The Present Indefinite Tense for describing the current picture of the town, while for describing the planned development you need to use The Future Indefinite Tense.

So, how can you actually write this answer?

Let’s have a look.

The Title:

The maps below show the centre of a small town called Islip as it is now, and plans for its development.

IELTS AC Writing Task 1 diagram: Cambridge 12 Test 6, two maps of Islip town with strategies, model answer and expert comments

IELTS AC Writing Task 1 diagram: Cambridge 12 Test 6, two maps of Islip town with strategies, model answer and expert comments

Model Answer:

The depicted maps of the centre of Islip provide information about the current city and what it will look like in future. Overall, a good number of adjustments can be detected in the plan and the town will look completely different once the changes are made.

At the outset, as it is observed in the current town map, the centre is in close proximity to the countryside, which is to the north. The main road on east-west direction divides the town, and on both sides, there are 16 shops. The south side is more urbanized where the road on the right-hand leads to a park while the road on the left, leading to the housing area, curves a little in front of a school.

As far as the planned development is concerned, the town will have a completely new outlook. The main road will be transformed into a dual carriageway and surround the whole town creating a circle. Moreover, a bus station, shopping centre, car park and new housing areas will be built on the north side. However, the shops, school, and park will remain as they are. The north and south part will be divided by a pavement for pedestrians.

Word count: 202

That’s not all… .. .

Expert comments on the answer:

The answer covers all the key features and provides an apparent overview of the current map and development that is planned. Nearly all the information is logically arranged and a lucid progression is found throughout the response. A good number of linkers/connectors such as overall, as far as …. Is concerned, which is, where, moreover, however, in summary, etc. are used to make the answer stronger. Lexical choice (the use of vocabulary) are flexible and precise, and in some cases uncommon (in close proximity to, urbanized, leading to, praiseworthy). A range of grammatical structures is used accurately and flexibly and most of the sentences are error-free. ]

Therefore, the answer can be given a Band 8.0 score.

If you like this post, please make comments and ask me about any sort of confusion you have.

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Keico Ponyo
Keico Ponyo
2 years ago

That’s really helpful! Well done! Thank you so much💛

2 years ago

Thanks for sharing!


[…] Two maps showing changes in a town […]

1 year ago

Thank you so much.

Taposh Sarker
Taposh Sarker
1 year ago
Reply to  IELTSdeal

I am looking for a model answer of Cambridge 12 test 6 writing task 2, but couldn’t find in your website. I am a beginner to IELTS preparation and follow this site regularly for high band score writing samples.
It will be very kind of you if you share with me the link of the mentioned model answer

Thank you

1 year ago

Its really helpful for me…thank you soo much for sharing.


[…] Two maps showing changes in Islip Town; Cambridge 12 Test 6 […]

Samira Parsa
Samira Parsa
1 year ago

You are by far the best writer as a head of website. I am appreciate for you so much


[…] Two maps showing changes in Islip Town; Cambridge 12 Test 6 […]

18 days ago

East-west direction is added information

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