Unique Speaking sample task – Part 1

IELTS speaking questions: part 1

Part 1 : Introduction and interview

[In this part of the test the examiner introduces himself or herself and confirms the candidate’s identification. Then the original test starts. There is a voice recorder in front of the examinee which records the whole test.]

First, I’m going to ask you about your home town or village. Ok?

  • What sort of place is it?
  • What is the most attractive part of your city/village?
  • What sorts of jobs do the people in your city/village have?
  • Would you say it’s a fine place to live? (If so, Why?)


Now let’s talk more on accommodation.

  • What kind of accommodation do you live in?
  • How long have you lived there?
  • What do you like most about living in that place?
  • What kind of accommodation would you dream to live in?
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