IELTS Writing Task 1: Cambridge 15 AC test 4; a pie chart & a table; with discussion and model answer

Writing a good answer to a combined/multiple/mixed graph is always confusing/frustrating for many IELTS candidates. In this post, we are looking at this problem in detail and finding solutions so that we can answer this kind of graph easily. The example picture is taken from Cambridge IELTS series 15 AC Test 4. You will also […]

IELTS Speaking: Cambridge 12 Test 6 full speaking test with complete and best solutions

In this post, I’ve provided solutions or sample answers for Cambridge 12 Test 6 Speaking test. Candidates who are preparing for their IELTS exams recently can use this speaking test solution for their best practice. I’ve provided enough information in each sample answer. But this is a generic post, and so you can change the […]

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