IELTS General Training Reading: Cambridge 7 Test B Section 1; Call anywhere in the state for one low short-distance rate! & Westwinds Farm Campsite; with best solutions and best explanations

This General Training IELTS Reading post deals with a solution package for IELTS Cambridge 7 Reading Test B Section 1 that has two texts entitled ‘Call anywhere in the state for one low short-distance rate!‘ and ‘Westwinds Farm Campsite’. This is an aimed post for candidates who have major problems searching for and understanding Reading […]

IELTS Reading: the best way to answer short-answer questions

In IELTS Reading, the short-answer question is a very common question and it is one of those questions where you can easily save enough time. Time-saving in IELTS Reading can make a magic-difference in your expected score. This post will focus on this question and show you some of the best techniques which you can […]

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