IELTS Reading: strategies and techniques for all question types; with special tips for time management

In this IELTS Reading post, I’m discussing some strategies, easy steps, and techniques to answer every reading question type. IELTS Reading exam can be quite confusing in many cases and candidates complain about timing and getting confused most of the time. I’ll be looking at every question type from Cambridge IELTS Series books and present […]

IELTS Academic Reading: Cambridge 7, Test 3: Reading Passage 3; Passage with no title (About European forests); with top solutions and detailed explanations

This IELTS Reading post focuses on all the solutions for IELTS Cambridge 7 Test 3 Reading Passage 3, which is without any title and about ‘saving European forests’. This is a targeted post for IELTS candidates who have great problems in finding answers for the Academic Reading module. This post can guide you the best […]

IELTS Writing Correction Service: Get your writings checked and achieve higher scores

IELTS Writing is considered the trickiest module of IELTS where candidates face so many difficulties and fail to achieve their desired scores as it becomes quite difficult finding an expert tutor or instructor to show their writings and get a solid evaluation/ feedback. This IELTS Writing Correction Service is a platform where IELTS candidates (those […]

IELTS academic Reading: Cambridge 13 Test 4, Reading passage 2; Saving the soil, with best solutions and easy explanations

This IELTS Reading post is the second of the series post deals with a total solution package for Cambridge IELTS Series Book 13 Reading test 4 Passage 2 which is entitled Saving the Soil. In this post I’ve discussed about all the answers and solutions for Reading Passage 2. This is another aimed post for […]

IELTS Reading: the best way to answer short-answer questions

In IELTS Reading, the short-answer question is a very common question and it is one of those questions where you can easily save enough time. Time-saving in IELTS Reading can make a magic-difference in your expected score. This post will focus on this question and show you some of the best techniques which you can […]

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