IELTS Speaking: Part 2, How to take a quick preparation in topic card/cue card/prompt card

This post deals with a strategy to take a fruitful preparation on IELTS Speaking Part 2 or Topic card. Reading this post an IELTS candidate can easily learn some techniques and cover a good number of IELTS topic cards easily. Candidates should try to follow the given instructions and prepare themselves for speaking part 2.

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Topic Card; a party you have attended; with quick tips and model answer

This post focuses on the IELTS Speaking Part 2. Here, the name of the cue card is A party you have attended. I’ve provided some quick tips to arrange the answer for this topic card which will help you immensely. I’ve also prepared a model answer based on the quick tips notes. Hopefully, you can prepare […]

IELTS Reading: Cambridge 12 Test 6 [academic] complete Reading Test, best solutions with explanations

In this post, today we are dealing with a complete solution pack of IELTS Cambridge 12 Test 6 READING/ IELTS Cambridge 12 AC Test 2 READING. Candidates who have too much difficulty in finding the answers and explaining the answers for the reading module, this post may be a guide to how best and quick […]

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