IELTS Academic Reading: Cambridge Official Guide to IELTS Test 1 Reading passage 3; IS PHOTOGRAPHY ART?; with best solutions and best explanations

This Academic IELTS Reading post focuses on solutions to IELTS Cambridge Official Guide to IELTS Test 1 Reading Passage 3 which is titled ‘Is Photography Art?’. This is a targeted post for IELTS candidates who have big problems finding out and understanding Reading Answers in the AC module. This post can guide you the best to […]

IELTS Speaking Part 1: General questions on Health & fitness, Swimming, Hobbies, photography; with example answers

This is the sixth set of general questions of IELTS Speaking Part 1 with example answers. In IELTS Speaking exam general questions or part 1 plays a very significant role. Practicing the general questions frequently can make it possible to build up your speaking skills and improve your score. Here are some questions related to health […]

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