IELTS Reading: Cambridge 12 Test 5 Passage 3- What’s the Purpose of Gaining Knowledge? – solutions with explanations

This post on IELTS Reading deals with the in depth analysis of Cambridge 12 Test 5 Reading Passage 3. The passage is entitled as ‘What’s the Purpose of Gaining Knowledge?’. I’ve provided all the solutions here with some detailed explanations. Please, get the book Cambridge IELTS series 12 when you read the post. It will surely […]

IELTS Speaking: part 2, cue card, the importance of knowing how to cook; with model answer

This IELTS speaking part 2 topic is a recent one and it is a very easy one indeed. The title of the topic card is “Talk about the importance of knowing how to cook”. Cooking is a very common matter and it is now considered an art form and directly related to the culture of […]

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