How Search by Image Works? Importance of using Reverse Image Search Tool!

If you want to search for the images to meet your requirements, you can open so many picture finder tools that can bring you stupendous results. ReverseImage is all about exploring duplicate results using search engines and particular image searching tools. If you are not aware of search engine tools, we’ve got you covered with […]

IELTS General Training Reading: Cambridge 15 Test 2 Section 2; Workplace health and safety considerations for plumbers & How to manage flexible working with your employees; with best solutions and detailed explanations

This General Training IELTS Reading post focuses on solutions to IELTS Cambridge 15 Reading Test 2 Section 2 that has two texts entitled ‘Workplace health and safety considerations for plumbers’ & ‘How to manage flexible working with your employees’. This is a targeted post for GT IELTS candidates who have big problems finding out and understanding […]

Academic IELTS Writing Task 1: how to answer a diagram on hydroelectric power generation and supply; with discussion, analysis of the picture; tips & model answer

This IELTS Writing post focuses on a discussion on a diagram on hydroelectric power generation and supply. This is a post-on-demand from some candidates who find writing answer to the diagram very confusing to answer. I’ve included a short discussion/ analysis on the picture and written a short sample answer for you. You’ll also find […]

AC IELTS Writing Task 1: flow-chart writing; on getting/acquiring a driving license; with methods/writing structure, tips and model answer

This IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 post mainly deals with the methods/structure of writing an answer to a flow chart on getting/acquiring a driving licence. It also provides some important tips on writing a great answer and presents a sample answer to a flow chart.

AC & GT IELTS Reading: how to answer Matching Headings/Headlines/ List of Headings; with strategies, methods, tips, detailed explanations and samples practice questions

This IELTS Reading post will guide you to match headings/headlines/list of headings most effectively in the IELTS Reading exam. Matching headings/headlines/ list of headings is quite a common question in the IELTS exam and candidates often find it difficult to answer this question type within time. This post aims at guiding an IELTS candidate to […]

IELTS Reading: My story/ complete journey from 6.0 to 8.0; how to get a great score in reading; with preparation models and resources

This IELTS Reading post is more of an experience sharing than providing solutions for different Reading problems. Here, I’ve shared my story/ journey to achieve an individual band score of 8.0 in IELTS Reading. I hope this post helps all the candidates of the IELTS exam who want to achieve a higher grade quickly.

IELTS practice: how to use newspaper effectively to improve English language skills in a step-by-step process

Newspaper is often regarded as one of the best practice tools for any language course, besides being the carrier of all sorts of news. As IELTS is a test of measuring the proficiency level of English language, students and candidates need some kind of an effective tool that can help them prepare for all four […]

General Training IELTS: how to write a Formal and an Informal letter; with structures, tips and model answers

In IELTS General Training module Task 1, you will be given the task of writing a letter to someone. There are two types of letters, formal and informal. This GT Writing Task 1 post focuses on writing an informal letter to a friend and a formal letter to a university cafeteria authority. Here, you will […]

IELTS Writing Task 2: how to write a problem-solution essay on increase of waste; with effective mind mapping technique and model answer

This IELTS Writing Task 2 post offers the insights into writing a great answer to a problem-solution topic. This problem-solution topic asks the candidates to provide some reasons for the increasing waste around the world and suggest some practical solutions. In this post, you will find a plan that can help you to write this […]

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