IELTS Grammar: the use of ‘have been’, ‘has been’, ‘had been’ with examples, explanations and bonus tips

In the IELTS test, grammar plays a very important role and none can deny that. Candidates need to learn the basic grammar of English and get rid of the confusions of close grammatical structures, their differences and uses. In this post we are dealing with the differences with the structures, differences and uses of ‘have […]

IELTS General Training Task 1: letter writing with sample answer and bonus tips

IELTS General Training Paper has a letter writing for Task 1 with a condition of more than 150 words. There are different types of letters to write. In this post, I’m sharing a formal letter from Cambridge IELTS Series 9 General Training Paper Test B on a lost item to an insurance company. Hopefully, this will […]

Introduction to IELTS writing graphs and charts: similarities and differences, with bonus tips

Graphs and charts are some of the most common items in IELTS Writing. So, here’s a post to help you fix some misunderstandings about IELTS writing task 1 which will, for sure, simplify your thoughts and change the way you look at Writing Task 1, particularly, graphs and charts. It will also help you to […]

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