IELTS Reading: Cambridge 12 Test 5 Passage 1- Cork – solutions with explanations

This post on IELTS Reading deals with the in-depth analysis of Cambridge 12 Test 5 Reading Passage 1. The passage is entitled ‘Cork‘. I’ve provided all the solutions here with some detailed explanations. Please, get the book Cambridge IELTS series 12 when you read the post. It will surely help you to find out the answers […]

Cambridge IELTS 12 Test 4: Complete Speaking Test with answers

Cambridge IELTS series is always our first choice for IELTS practice. So, naturally, it expected that a solution package will be offered for the Speaking Test. Here, you can find a total package of CAMBRIDGE IELTS 12 Test 4 Speaking test solutions. I hope these model answers help you in your IELTS preparation. Remember, these […]

IELTS Speaking, Cambridge 12 Test 3: A famous actor from your country

Hello dear IELTS takers, it’s really nice to see you here. Today, I’m sharing with you a very common topic card from CAMBRIDGE 12 Test 3. It is A famous actor from your country. Many IELTS takers have got it as there IELTS Speaking Cue card. So, taking some preparation may come handy for you. […]

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