IELTS Reading: A smart and the best strategy to handle YES/NO/NOT GIVEN

In IELTS Reading exam, students often face the problem of dealing with different types of questions. One of these questions is YES, NO, NOT GIVEN which is also known as TRUE, FALSE, NO INFORMATION. This is a question where many students, who have weakness in English reading, become utterly confused. Especially it becomes difficult to […]

IELTS Speaking, Cue Card, Cambridge 10 Test 1: A person you know who does something well

In Cambridge 10 Speaking Test 1 Part 2, you will find a cue card named Describe someone you know who does something well. It’s a very interesting topic card. I prepared a very suitable model answer for this cue card. I hope you will find it useful. Always look at the vocabulary and different sentence patterns closely […]

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