Speaking Part 1 topic: Hometown

IELTS speaking topic: Hometown

Could you tell me in brief about your hometown?

Of course. My hometown’s in Moulvibazar, which is known as the Tea Capital of Bangladesh. It’s located in the northeast of the country; It’s not so far from the capital city Dhaka. It’s really a peaceful and clean town.

How are the people in your hometown?/ What kind of people live in your city?

I’ll say they are mostly very sociable, but as I mentioned that it is a large town, everyone is often busy. So, it may seem as though they are not much interested in speaking or passing time idly. But if you live there for a longer period, you come to know that most people are quite pleased to have a chat if they have time and will assist you if needed.

What are the things to do in your hometown?

There’s certainly a lot of things to do there as it’s a fairly big town. If you prefer going out in the afternoon, there are lots of standard restaurants. If you are fond of cultural activities there are museums and art galleries. Moreover, if you like nature, there are lots of place close to the town which are easy to reach.

Are you happy to live there?

Yes, I am. I love my hometown more than any other place of the world.

Some common questions about hometown:

  1. What is hometown like? How is the weather there?
  2. What do you don’t like about your hometown?
  3. How can you develop your hometown?
  4. How often do you visit your hometown?
  5. Do you consider it as a tourist spot?
  6. How far has your hometown changed since your childhood?
  7. How is the communication system in your hometown?
  8. What are the main landmarks in your hometown?

IELTS students should try on their own to solve these questions. If you face any problem regarding these questions, please comment specifically and I’ll provide you the necessary solutions.

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