IELTS Writing Task 2: both-view essay and agree-disagree essay on ‘advertisement’; with model answers

In IELTS Writing Task 2, candidates are to write different types of essays based on their knowledge and experience. In this post an agree-disagree essay and a both-view essay on the topic ‘advertisement’ are given with model answers. Hopefully, the answers will help candidates to write their own essays on the subject of advertisement effectively.

IELTS Writing Task 2: both-view essay and agree-disagree essay on 'advertisement'; with model answers

Here is the both-view essay title:

IELTS Writing Task 2: both-view essay and agree-disagree essay on 'advertisement'; with model answers

Model answer:

Whether advertisement influences human mind easily or not is a matter of big controversy. Some say that it is advertisement which leads us to buying unnecessary products whereas others opine that we can learn about the best products due to the effects of advertisements on our mind. This essay will discuss about both the views and argue that deciding on a product based on advertisement is somewhat necessary.

On the on hand, advertisements on different products are made in such a way that it can convince a large number of people easily. These advertisements focus on human emotions and somehow encourage people to avail the services of the company, neglecting the fact that it might be a scam. As an example, a few years ago, I was so moved by the advert of a transport service that I ordered a ticket for myself, though it was quite expensive. Unfortunately, the experience led to confusion as I could hardly match the service with the advert. The same thing happened to my colleagues and friends in online shopping.

From the other side, advertisements of the new devices with up-to-date technologies to help you maintain your home in perfect conditions or the new cars with some special futures that make your visit more relaxed may help you to improve your life. Recently my wife and I saw an ad on the Internet about a very interesting and inexpensive vacation to Thailand for a week. We like traveling and now we are planning to find out more about it and, probably, make reservations. I believe that without advertisements we would be unaware about plenty of opportunities that may make your life happier, easier and less stressful.

In fine, though adverts might prove as scam in some cases, we cannot, in fact, pass a day without them. They make us conscious about new updates of the market and give us choices to decide and inquire on different items and services to buy. I personally think that adverts are beneficial for us.

Word count: 330

Now, here is the agree-disagree essay:

IELTS Writing Task 2: both-view essay and agree-disagree essay on 'advertisement'; with model answers

Model answer:

Advertisements are mainly aimed at customers of different classes and they are now an essential part of the media. Every country has its own culture and traditions and media is one of the best ways to highlight those cultures. I firmly agree with the view that advertisements can convey much about a nation and this essay will present an in-depth analysis of my viewpoint.

Whenever we watch any commercial, we can learn some interesting matters about the country. Most of the travel channels are authentic examples of it. A couple of years ago I started planning to visit Australia and I watched a TV commercial named ‘There’s nothing like Australia’. This 40-second advert told me about some beautiful locations of Australia, the Aboriginals and their customs and so on. Later I found out that the ad was a government project to encourage and attract more tourists during the long vacations.

Adverts can also play an important role to abolish misinterpretation about some countries. Before watching another advert on African tourism, I had a misconception about African nations like South Africa. However, when I watched the advert, I learnt that this country is called ‘the Rainbow Nation’ because of different tribes, and people of various races enjoy freedom in the country. I also learnt that ‘Rainbow Nation’ means a multiracial or multicultural nation which was coined by Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu. I personally like the term as it promotes international brotherhood.

Some, however, may disagree and opine that adverts are scams to clench some cash money. However, we have to acknowledge the fact that adverts are the mainstream methods to encourage tourism by conveying the best of a country and tourists all over the world depend largely on this.

In summary, it is undeniable that advertisements are one the finest ways to learn about a nation. Authorities should be cautious and strict about some scam adverts which might be harmful for the economy.

Word count: 320

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