IELTS Speaking, part 2: Cue card, A good cook

IELTS Speaking, part 2: Cue card, A good cook

There are many topics which might seem less important to you. Yet, they are very significant in IELTS Speaking, especially part 2 or cue card section. One such topic is a cuisine related topic which is A good cook you know. Some of my students have got this as their cue card in recent IELTS exams. So, here is a sample answer for you. I hope it helps you in terms of taking preparation and learning some new vocabulary.

IELTS Speaking, part 2: Cue card, A good cook

Sample answer:

I am a foodie and I always appreciate anyone if he or she is a good cook. I’ve been lucky to meet many good cooks in different places on different occasions. For example, my mother is the best cook ever. But, today I’m going to talk about my elder brother, who, in my opinion, is a master chef. He is an exceptional cook and he is well known among our relatives and friends for crafting some uncommon, appetizing and flavorsome menus which are not only cheap but also very healthy.

First of all, my brother is a graduate in Sociology and we have never imagined of his being a cook. It was a sudden decision taken by him. He wanted to do something which would be completely different and unconventional for him. My mother suggested him to take a short course in cuisine and culinary culture. So, he listened to her and took the course. Since then, he has been doing some experimental cooking and producing some dishes which I have never heard of. My brother also says that our mother is his inspiration behind this.

My brother generally loves to cook Italian and Indian dishes. But, he can also cook Mexican, Thai, Chinese and some strange African dishes. He regularly watches cooking shows like The Master Chef and The Gordon Ramsey Show. At present, he is taking a tour in the UK to learn about some European cuisines. In my opinion, his best dishes are Biriani and Tehari, which are South Asian rice dishes. He is also famous among his friends and peers for making Thai soup and noodles.

I think the most important reason why my brother is a great cook is his enthusiasm and attention. He is very excited to learn new ingredients and making twists in a regular dish. He is always experimenting with different raw materials, spices and other cooking items. When he is doing all kinds of works regarding cooking, he is doing it with love and passion, as if cooking were his bread and butter. For these reasons, he has become a master cook in the eyes of his relatives and friends. So, it is not a surprise that he got calls from some very big restaurants to do some part-time work with a handsome salary, though he turned them down. It’s because he takes cooking as his hobby. All these reasons make him a really good cook.

Thank you.

That’s the end of this answer.

This topic card or cue card answer can help you to take preparation in similar topics with different names like:

  • A cuisine expert
  • Your favorite cook
  • A master chef you know
  • A work someone does with passion
  • A local chef you like
  • A cook from your hometown etc.
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Pooja Sharma
Pooja Sharma
3 years ago

This is very good.


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