IELTS Speaking, Cue Card, Cambridge 10 Test 1: A person you know who does something well

IELTS Speaking, Cue Card, Cambridge 10 Test 1: A person you know who does something well

In Cambridge 10 Speaking Test 1 Part 2, you will find a cue card named Describe someone you know who does something well. It’s a very interesting topic card. I prepared a very suitable model answer for this cue card. I hope you will find it useful. Always look at the vocabulary and different sentence patterns closely and practice them well.

IELTS Speaking, Cue Card, Cambridge 10 Test 1: A person you know who does something well

Model answer: I know a person who is a cricket-nerd and an extremely good athlete. To be frank, he is a well-known local cricketer and he can play this game so well that he is regularly hired by the different local clubs in our county/ area. Though he is an Accounts Officer by profession, he is still running wild after cricket and I want to talk about him.

He is, actually, my elder brother. So, I know him the best. The age difference between me and my elder brother is only 1 and a half year. We were roommates for a long time. Now, he lives in our local area while I had to move to a different city for my professional purpose.

He is an extremely fit person. He regularly goes to the gym and every weekend he joins practice sessions in the local cricket club with his playmates. I don’t know of many weekends when he missed his sessions. He is very active in the field. He is a right-handed middle order batsman and a slow-arm bowler. He is a great fieldsman too. He is a big guy and he can play amazing shots through the cover and gully regions. His fellow mates call him “the destroyer” because he has helped his club win in many nail-biting matches.

I think my brother is so good in cricket for two reasons. First comes his passion for the game. He is not only a genuine player but also an avid reader of cricket articles. He is a storehouse of cricket info. He knows about so many cricket records that sometimes I wonder how, in the earth, he learns so much. He is really serious about it. The other thing is his promptness and fitness or physical stamina. Cricket matches can be tremendously exhausting. Only physically fit people can shine in this game. My brother, as a well-known athlete since his boyhood, is still playing against the odds of aging. He even did two short courses in this game. He says, “You may age physically, but you never age in your heart.” I really admire his passion. Even, his passion inspired me several times to chase my own passions. And every time I chased, every time I became successful.  These are the reasons why he is a first-rated player of cricket.

That’s the end of this model answer.

You can easily cover some other topics cards similar to this one using this model answer, such as:

  • A person you like
  • Your favorite sportsman
  • A fit person you know
  • A good player you know about
  • A healthy person
  • A passionate person
  • A sports geek
  • A person with great physical fitness etc.

Thanks a lot for going through this topic card. Here is a tip for IELTS speaking which you can apply.

Tip: Always use your imagination and try to picture the ideas for the cue card in your mind. Take examples from your own life and experience. 

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