IELTS Speaking Cue Card: A competition you have entered; with notes and model answer

IELTS Speaking Cue Card no.17: A competition you have entered; with notes and model answer

This post is on IELTS Speaking Part 2: Cue card. It’s a common cue card which is A Competition You Have Entered. I’ve provided a sample answer for you here. Try to learn and practice it. You can add something or change it according to your choice.

IELTS Speaking Cue Card: A competition you have entered; with notes and model answer

Have a close look at the cue card and prepare some notes for 1 minute. Here is a sample of note-taking that I prepared.

IELTS Speaking Cue Card: A competition you have entered; with notes and model answer

Model Answer:

Since my childhood, I have been attending different competitions in different places and on different occasions. I have never stopped and still like to join any competition if my time allows me. I have won numerous prizes too. I would like to talk about such a competition which was not only exciting but also very entertaining.

It happened just after my graduation exam at my university. I came by a commercial in our local media that an inter-college athletic competition would take place on next week. I always liked running and swimming and so I decided to register myself for the competition. The entry fee was around $5 as far as I recall. I had enough money. So, I had no problem managing $5.

On the Run Day (as it was named by the Organizers), I went to the start-point and registered my name in the competition. I was delighted to see some local faces there. I also found three of my close friends among the  40 competitors. I was a bit nervous but when I saw familiar faces I became relieved. A volunteer approached me and instructed me to take a position. We started running at the sound of the whistle from a referee. It was a 4 miles long 2-laps running competition. I concentrated on my running as I wanted to be among the first three runners. It was a toiling and very thrilling run for me ever in my life. I was nearly shocked to hear my name from the announcement table. They were saying that I became second in the competition. I couldn’t believe my ears. Later I looked at the gallery and found some of my peers shouting at me and waving with flowers.

I still remember the competition as an inspiration in my life. It showed me one strong character of myself. Actually, running was not my habit. Yet, deep down, I knew I could win a competition like this. Since then I have participated in many other running competitions and won some other prizes. I still feel the chill of winning which I felt on the Run Day.

Thank you.

This topic card answer will also help you to take preparation on some other similar topic cards such as:

  • A prize you won
  • An event you remember
  • Your favorite memory
  • A school competition you have entered
  • A life event you recall
  • The best moment of your life
  • A memorable performance of you
  • The day you recall most etc.

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