IELTS Life Skills Level A1 and B1: Asking Common Questions for Phase 1B

IELTS Life Skills Level A1 and B1: Asking Common Questions for Phase 1B

In Phase 1B of IELTS Life skills Level A1 and B1 exam, you need to ask your partner examinee some basic questions on a topic given by your examiner. Here, in this post we will look at such basic questions on different topics. Practice these questions with your classmates or partners to become fluent in asking questions.

IELTS Life Skills Level A1 and B1: Asking Common Questions for Phase 1B


About family:

  1. How many members do you have in your family? / How many members are there in your family?
  2. How many siblings / brothers and sisters do you have?
  3. What is your position among them?
  4. Do you stay with your family?
  5. Do your family members help you?
  6. Do you help your family members?
  7. Do you have a close relation with all your family members?
  8. Who is the closest to you?
  9. Do you spend enough time with your family members?
  10. Who is the most important / significant person in your family?
  11. Who controls your family?
  12. Do you live in a nuclear family or extended (joint) family?
  13. Which one is the best?

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About relatives:

  1. Do you have relatives where you live?
  2. Do you like them? / Do you like your relatives?
  3. Whom do you like most among your relatives? / Who is your favourite relative?
  4. Why do you like him/her?
  5. What’s his/her job/profession? / What does he/she do?
  6. Where does she/he live?
  7. Do you have a close relation with all your family members?
  8. Who is the closest to you?
  9. Do you spend enough time with your relatives?
  10. What do you do when you meet your uncles/aunts/cousins/grandparents?
  11. Do you think relatives are important for us?

About friends:

  1. Do you have friends?
  2. Who is your best friend?
  3. Why do you like your best friend?
  4. Do you still have any childhood friend?
  5. Are you a very friendly person?
  6. What do you do when you meet your friends?
  7. Do you sometimes have misunderstanding with your friends?
  8. What are the qualities of a good friend?
  9. Do you tell your best friend everything?
  10. Do you sometimes have fights with your friend?
  11. How often do you talk to your friend?
  12. Can you easily make friends?

Pastime/ leisure time activities/ hobbies:

  1. Do you get some free time everyday?
  2. What do you generally do when you get some free time? / How do you pass your leisure time?
  3. Do you like long vacations?
  4. What do you do on long vacations?
  5. How do most people spend their free time in your area/ country?
  6. Do you play any games or sports to pass some free time?
  7. Do you get bored if you don’t have any work to do?
  8. Do you spend some free time with your friends?
  9. What do you do together?
  10. Do you think people should get some free time regularly?
  11. What’s your hobby?
  12. When did you start this hobby?
  13. Is it a common hobby in your country?
  14. Should every person have a hobby?
  15. Some people keep pets. Do you think it can be a hobby?

Doing exercise / Health & fitness:

  1. Do you do physical exercise regularly?
  2. What kind of exercise do you take?
  3. Is it a common exercise in your country?
  4. When do you like to do exercise?
  5. Which time is the best for doing exercise?
  6. Where do you do your exercise? / In which place do you do exercise?
  7. Is there any gym / gymnasium in your area/town?
  8. How popular is the gym?
  9. Which physical exercise is the best for your age?
  10. Do you think younger generation should do exercise regularly?
  11. What will happen if we don’t do physical exercise?
  12. Do you think you are a healthy person?
  13. Does exercise have any bad effects on human body?
  14. What kind of exercise should elderly / old people take?
  15. Do you think physical exercise keeps different diseases away?
  16. Do you have any instructor who shows how to do exercise correctly?
  17. Do you think we should have a personal physical trainer?

Games & sports:

  1. Which games/sports do you like most?
  2. Do you like to play indoor or outdoor games?
  3. Which games are the best? Indoor or outdoor?
  4. Which games are the most popular in your country?
  5. Why they are so popular?
  6. Do you sometimes go to stadium to watch any live match?
  7. Do think games and sports can improve our health condition? How?
  8. Do you like jogging?
  9. Have you ever played a big match in your life?
  10. Do you like sports celebrities?
  11. Which one is more enjoyable? Watching a live match on TV or going to a stadium?
  12. Do you like big crowds in the stadium?
  13. Which games /sports did you like when you were a student?
  14. What’s the main sport of your country?
  15. Have you ever seen any dangerous sport? What was it?

Music & concerts:

  1. What kind of music do you like?
  2. What types of songs are popular in your country?
  3. Do you listen to music often?
  4. When do you listen to music?
  5. Can you play any musical instrument?
  6. Did you get any music lesson in your school life?
  7. Do you like to go to live shows/ music concerts?
  8. In what occasions do people sing songs?
  9. Do you like to listen to music when you are travelling?
  10. Who is your most favourite singer?
  11. Why do you like him/her so much?
  12. Can you sing songs?
  13. Do you like classical songs?
  14. Do you like folk/country songs?
  15. How does music make you feel?
  16. What is one of your most favourite song’s title?
  17. Do you believe that music can make us happy or sad?

Transport & communication:

  1. Do you like to travel by bus?
  2. Did you ever travel by a train?
  3. Do you like to travel by a car?
  4. What is the difference between traveling by a car and a bus?
  5. How do most people travel in your country?
  6. What’s the most common transport in your area?
  7. What’s the benefit of public transport (bus, train)?
  8. What’s the problem of using public transport?
  9. What’s the benefit of private transport (car)?
  10. What’s the problem of using private transport?
  11. Do you face traffic jam in your area? / Do you have traffic jam where you live?
  12. Do you have a car?
  13. Can you drive a car/ ride a bicycle?
  14. Have you ever travelled by airplane?
  15. Do you have airport close to your hometown?
  16. What’s your favourite colour of car?
  17. Do you have taxi service in your area?
  18. Is CNG / auto service popular in your area?

Food, restaurants & cooking:

  1. What food did you take last night?
  2. Do you like sweet foods?
  3. Do you enjoy spicy foods?
  4. Do you love sour foods?
  5. What types of foods are commonly eaten in restaurants in your country?
  6. Do you like any special drinks?
  7. Can you cook?
  8. Did you learn cooking?
  9. Who taught you cooking?
  10. Do you take all your meals with your family?
  11. Do you take foods outside sometimes?
  12. Do you love outdoor foods?
  13. Do you like taking vegetables?
  14. Which vegetables is your favourite?
  15. Which fruit do you like most?
  16. Do you like taking tea or coffee?
  17. Do your local restaurants serve foreign foods?
  18. Which foreign foods are your favourite? Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai or British?
  19. Do you cook for your family?
  20. How good are you at cooking?
  21. What do you usually take for lunch?
  22. What kind of desserts do you like?
  23. Which restaurant in your country do you like most?
  24. Do you take your family to restaurants often?
  25. Do you take light food for dinner?
  26. Do you like trying new food?


  1. Do you have good relationship with your neighbours?
  2. Do you know all your neighbours?
  3. Do you invite them to your house/ flat sometimes?
  4. Are your neighbours helpful?
  5. Are they friendly?
  6. Do you dislike any of your neighbours?
  7. Do you help them in danger?
  8. Did any neighbours ever help you?
  9. Do you think neighbours are important for us? Why?
  10. Which neighbour do you like most?

Native village:

  1. Is your native village close to your hometown?
  2. Which place is better? Village or town?
  3. Where is your village?
  4. What is it famous for?
  5. How do the villagers communicate with each other?
  6. Is mobile network available there?
  7. Do you have electricity in your native village?
  8. What’s the biggest problem in your village?
  9. What do you like most about your village?
  10. Do you want any change in your village? What is it?
  11. Do you feel comfortable in your village?


  1. Where is your hometown?
  2. How far is it from here?
  3. What is it famous for?
  4. How big are the roads in your hometown?
  5. Do you have traffic jam in your hometown?
  6. What do you like most about your hometown?
  7. Do you have enough shopping malls in your hometown?
  8. Which institutions do you have in your hometown?
  9. Are you satisfied with the facilities in your hometown?
  10. How do people pass free time in your hometown? Do you have any big park there?
  11. What free time activities can children do in your town?
  12. Is your hometown safe for children?

Books & reading:

  1. Do you like reading? / Do you like to read?
  2. What do you like to read?
  3. Do you like to read newspapers?
  4. Is newspaper important for us?
  5. Do you like to read stories?
  6. What’s your favourite book?
  7. Who’s your favourite writer?
  8. Why do you like this writer?
  9. When do you read books?
  10. Do you read regularly?
  11. Is reading important for us?
  12. Do you encourage others to read?
  13. Did you ever help anyone to read?
  14. Do you like poems?
  15. Did you read any book in written in English?

Learning English:

  1. Did you take any English lesson?
  2. When did you take it?
  3. Where did you take it? / In which institute did you study?
  4. Was it a good institute?
  5. Who was your trainer?
  6. Was he/she a good trainer/instructor?
  7. Can you speak in English?
  8. In your class did you speak in English?
  9. How good were your classmates?
  10. Did you have any helpful classmate?
  11. How many hours did you/ do you study English at home?
  12. Do you like to English newspaper?
  13. Do you like to watch English cartoons/ movies/ news?
  14. Do English cartoons/ movies/ news help you to learn English?
  15. Did your English teacher give you lots of homework?
  16. Did you complete your homework regularly?

Travelling/ visits to places/ outing:

  1. Do you like travelling?
  2. Do you visit different places regularly?
  3. Have you been to a foreign country?
  4. Where did you visit recently?
  5. Was it countryside (village) or urban area (town/city)?
  6. Do you like cities and towns?
  7. What time is the best for travelling?
  8. Do you take preparation when your visit someplace new?
  9. Whom do you like to travel with? Family or friends?
  10. How do you like to travel? By bus/train/car/aeroplane?
  11. Is there good aeroplane service in your city?
  12. Is there any tourist spot/location in your area?
  13. Do people from other districts visit this place?
  14. Which season do you prefer for travelling?
  15. Did you learn anything new or interesting when travelling?
  16. Do you visit your relatives often?
  17. Did you visit any friend recently?

Mobile phone/ smartphone:

  1. Do you have a smartphone/mobile phone?
  2. Do you use it regularly?
  3. Why do you use it?
  4. Do you use it only for communicating?
  5. Can you use it for entertainment?
  6. How do you communicate with your spouse in the UK?
  7. How many phone calls do you generally make and receive everyday?
  8. How many people in your family have a cell phone/ mobile phone?
  9. When did you get your first phone?
  10. What are the facilities/ advantages of a smartphone/ mobile phone?
  11. Is there any disadvantage or problem related with a mobile phone/ smartphone?
  12. Is mobile phone expensive in your country?
  13. Have you ever lost your phone?
  14. Was your phone ever stolen?
  15. How did you feel at that time?

Computer & internet:

  1. Do you have a computer/ laptop?
  2. When did you buy it?
  3. Did you get it as a gift?
  4. Why do you use it?
  5. Do you feel comfortable to use a computer?
  6. What facilities/ advantages do you get using a computer?
  7. Do you play games on your computer?
  8. Do you listen to music on your computer?
  9. Do you watch movies on your computer?
  10. Does a computer have any bad sides?
  11. Should children use computer?
  12. Did you learn how to use computer from someone?
  13. Do you think learning how to operate a computer is important?
  14. Why is it important?
  15. Do you use internet?
  16. Is it good or bad to use internet?
  17. What facilities do you get from internet?
  18. Does internet have any problem? What is it?
  19. Do you think school-going kids/children should learn to use internet?

Gifts/ presents:

  1. Do you get gifts/ presents often?
  2. Do you present people different gifts?
  3. Which gifts are common in your country?
  4. Do people love flowers as gift in your country?
  5. When do people give gifts? / In which occasions do people receive gifts?
  6. How do you feel when you get any gift?
  7. Do you think that gift giving is a good culture?
  8. What was your gift? / What gift did you receive last?
  9. How do you than someone who give you a gift?
  10. Have you recently got any gift from your spouse?
  11. Did you give any gift to spouse?
  12. What was your first gift from your spouse?

Cloth/ dresses/ fashion:

  1. Do you like any special dress?
  2. Why do you like it?
  3. How many dresses to you have?
  4. Have you got any dresses as a gift?
  5. Which colour do you like most when you buy any dress or cloth?
  6. Do you like light clothes or heavy dresses?
  7. Which season is most comfortable for wearing different types of clothes?
  8. Do you often buy new clothes?
  9. Do you buy any clothes online?
  10. Do you like jewellery/ornaments?
  11. How often do you wear jewellery?
  12. What’s your most favourite piece of jewellery?
  13. Have you ever made your own clothes?
  14. What colour do you think you look good on? / Which colour suits you most?
  15. What’s the most expensive dress that you ever bought?
  16. Where do you usually buy your clothes from?
  17. What kind of cloths are most common/ most trendy nowadays?


  1. Do you like to take photographs?
  2. Why do you like it?/ Why do you like to take photographs?
  3. With whom do you like to take your photos?
  4. Do you like to take selfies?
  5. Do you take photos with a camera or a smartphone?
  6. Do you like to take photos in parties and programmes?
  7. Have you ever taken photos of natural sceneries?
  8. Which time do you think is the best for taking outdoor photos?
  9. Do you think photography can be a hobby?

Neighbourhood/ the places near or around you:

  1. Where do you live? / Where is your house located?
  2. What types of facilities are available near you? /What facilities are available in your neighbourhood?
  3. Is it a safe neighbourhood? / Is your neighbourhood secured for children?
  4. Is your neighbourhood a big area?
  5. How many people live there?
  6. What types of people live in the area?
  7. How many shops are there in your neighbourhood?
  8. Is it a very busy neighbourhood?
  9. Is there any kindergarten/ school in your neighbourhood?
  10. How long have you been living there?
  11. Do you think your neighbourhood needs any change?

Occasions/ Parties/ Festivals:

  1. Do you like to join different kinds of parties?
  2. Do you celebrate your birthday?
  3. How do you celebrate it?
  4. Have you recently been to any birthday party?
  5. Did you ever organise any birthday party?
  6. What kinds of foods are common in birthday parties?
  7. Which festivals do you celebrate in your country?
  8. Do you like national festivals or religious festivals?
  9. Which one is the biggest festival of your country?
  10. Do you dress up differently for an occasion?
  11. What foods are served in a wedding ceremony?
  12. What foods are served in a birthday party?
  13. What foods are served in a religious festival (Eid or Puja)?
  14. Is there a firework display at night in different parties?
  15. Do you like fireworks in the sky?
  16. How do you decorate your home when there is a party?
  17. Do you serve food at your parties?
  18. Do you play games at your party? If so, what games do you play?
  19. Do you go to fairs on different festivals?
  20. Do you go to book fairs?
  21. Did you ever go to any international trade fair?

Cinema/ films/ Movies:

  1. Do you like to go to cinema?
  2. Do you watch movies regularly?
  3. Do you like to watch movies/ films with your family/friends?
  4. Is there a big cineplex/ cinema/ cinema hall in your neighbourhood/area?
  5. Is watching movies a common hobby in your country?
  6. What’s your most favourite movie?
  7. Do you like horror/ scary movies?
  8. Did you ever get afraid watching a movie?
  9. Who’s your favourite actor/ actress?
  10. Did you ever learn anything important watching a movie?
  11. Do you watch local films?
  12. Which Bangladeshi movie do you like most?
  13. Do you watch Hindi movies?
  14. Do you think children should watch movies?

Buying and selling/ Shopping:

  1. Do you buy different things for your family sometimes?
  2. What things do you buy?
  3. Do you like any special shop/ market?
  4. Is there a superstore in your town?
  5. What products do the shops/ markets sell?
  6. Is shopping in your town cheap/ expensive?
  7. Do you know any shopkeeper personally?
  8. Do you save money to buy something special?
  9. Does your spouse buy anything for you if you want?
  10. Do you bargain/ haggle when you buy something?
  11. Do you like fixed-price shops?
  12. What was the last thing that you bought from a shop?
  13. Do you take anyone to shopping with you?
  14. Do you think saving money is important? Why?
  15. Which things can you buy at a cheap rate?
  16. Do you think nowadays all products are expensive?
  17. Is there any shop in your town that you hate/ dislike? Why?

TV programmes & watching TV:

  1. Do you like to watch TV programmes?
  2. Is it your hobby?
  3. Why do you enjoy TV programmes?
  4. What types of programmes are common in your country?
  5. In which time do you like to watch TV? Day or night?
  6. Which TV programme is your favourite? / What’s your favourite TV programme?
  7. Did you learn anything interesting from it?
  8. Which TV programme is the most popular in your country?
  9. How many hours do you watch TV?
  10. Which TV channels do you like most?
  11. Do you like any TV commercials /advertisements?
  12. Do you think watching TV makes people lazy/ inactive?

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