How to Find and Remove Grammatical Errors in Academic Writing?

Grammar and punctuation are the basic rules that dictate how coherent sentences are formed. Mistakes related to these rules can range from having a minimal effect to drastically changing the entire meaning of the sentence. This is a risk that cannot be taken in something as important as academic writing. Academic writing is a highly […]

Validity of IELTS Score: How Many Years Is It Valid For

Are you considering taking the IELTS exam so that you may live and work in an English-speaking state? We will provide you with comprehensive details regarding the IELTS examination. Expats and students have many questions regarding the system’s reliability, the best IELTS courses on Udemy, and other ways to prepare for this responsible exam. Self-education […]

How Search by Image Works? Importance of using Reverse Image Search Tool!

If you want to search for the images to meet your requirements, you can open so many picture finder tools that can bring you stupendous results. ReverseImage is all about exploring duplicate results using search engines and particular image searching tools. If you are not aware of search engine tools, we’ve got you covered with […]

IELTS Reading: My story/ complete journey from 6.0 to 8.0; how to get a great score in reading; with preparation models and resources

This IELTS Reading post is more of an experience sharing than providing solutions for different Reading problems. Here, I’ve shared my story/ journey to achieve an individual band score of 8.0 in IELTS Reading. I hope this post helps all the candidates of the IELTS exam who want to achieve a higher grade quickly.

IELTS practice: how to use newspaper effectively to improve English language skills in a step-by-step process

Newspaper is often regarded as one of the best practice tools for any language course, besides being the carrier of all sorts of news. As IELTS is a test of measuring the proficiency level of English language, students and candidates need some kind of an effective tool that can help them prepare for all four […]

Know your IELTS: an in-depth analysis of how to take the best preparation in IELTS exam; with tips, tricks, suggestions from previous candidates

Some of my students have appeared in the IELTS exam in recent days. When preparing for this exam, they came by a number of matters and talked to me about some important suggestions, tips, and tricks which, they think, should be shared with future IELTS candidates as they will come handy if anybody wants to […]

Writer’s Block: A Phenomenon You Like To Avoid

This article is titled Writer’s Block: A Phenomenon You Like To Avoid. It is part of a creative writing project for In this article, I have taken the opportunity to simplify the phenomenon ‘Writer’s Block’ to many people who are facing it all the time yet have very little idea about it. I’ve also discussed […]

IELTS preparation: Top study topics for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking with useful links

This is a requested post on topics to study for IELTS Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking exam. Many students and readers of this blog have constantly requested me to post a list of important topics which are common for IELTS exam. I understand that it is also important for newcomers in IELTS and other English […]

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