5 essential Tips for improving scores in IELTS Listening and Speaking

IELTS students are often given some tips for improving their scores in modules like listening and speaking by their instructors or institutes. I personally believe that every tip is a waste if not followed in a systematic way. So, before going through each tip or trick in this website, ask yourself this question: Am I ready to follow them from heart? 🙂

IELTS Listening and Speaking tips:

  1. Try to record your own speaking mock test in your institute or at home. This is very important for understanding your own voice, how it sounds to others and your problems in pronunciation, fluency etc.
  2. Make a target of listening everyday from different resources like BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, NBC, any talkshow, movie, radio or any English program.
  3. Write any unknown word you find during your reading from IELTS articles or newspapers. Then, try to pronunciate it. For correction, use your smart phone’s dictionary. Nowadays, they have different applications for pronunciation.
  4. Talk to an expert of English language around you. You can find them among your kith and kin. They are there for you to help. Just ask them!
  5. Set a goal of practicing Listening and Speaking everyday. Try to achieve a minimum goal each day.


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