IELTS speaking test: Important tips

IELTS speaking test: Important tips

It was by chance I met an IELTS examiner a year ago. As I need to join different seminars and meeting on IELTS, I meet people who have been working with IELTS. Fortunately, he kept contact with me and has been generous to share some of his real life experiences of IELTS exams. During our conversations, I have been able to mark some important points on IELTS speaking exam. So, here are some tips from me on speaking test based on my conversation with the examiner.

IELTS Speaking – special tips for the oral test

  1. Never stop if you are not directed by the examiner. Keep talking on the given topic.
  2. Try to be courageous and use best English you have got inside you.
  3. If you asked on some unknown or confusing topic, make sure to ask the examiner necessary questions on the topic before you start to answer them. Try to be specific on the question you ask so that you can get a direct idea on what you are wanted to speak.

If you just listen to him and start to answer without understanding the topic, you are sure to make mistakes. The examiner will think that you don’t have any problem with the topic; rather you have problems with the use of English language. So, be sure to get a clear idea on the topic.

  1. Don’t say directly that you don’t know the answer. This will seriously damage your score. Rather, try to get an explanation of the questions.
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