IELTS General Training Reading: Cambridge 8 Test B Section 1; Consumer advice on buying shoes & Lost Cards; with best solutions and best explanations

This General Training IELTS Reading post deals with a solution package for IELTS Cambridge 8 Reading Test B Section 1 that has a passage entitled ‘Consumer advice on buying shoes‘ and ‘Lost Cards‘.┬áThis is a targeted post for candidates who have significant problems in searching for and understanding Reading Answers. This post can guide you […]

Know your IELTS: an in-depth analysis of how to take the best preparation in IELTS exam; with tips, tricks, suggestions from previous candidates

Some of my students have appeared in the IELTS exam in recent days. When preparing for this exam, they came by a number of matters and talked to me about some important suggestions, tips, and tricks which, they think, should be shared with future IELTS candidates as they will come handy if anybody wants to […]

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