IELTS vocabulary practice : Know how to

IELTS test is a language test where a student must have a minimum vocabulary power. There are many ways how you can develop your lexical resource or vocabulary skill. One such way is to make a list of words and divide the words into four major parts of speech groups. If you can note down at least ten words each day, it is sure that after two or three weeks your vocabulary stock will be quite excellent.

It does not matter if you cannot find all the parts of speech. Just put down whatever you find and try to make sentences with them and use them in speaking and writing regularly.

Here is a sample list which you can follow to start your practice.

Noun Adjective Verb Adverb
Analysis Analyzed / Analyzable Analyze Analyzable
Approacher Approachable Approach Approachably
Assessment   Assess  
Assumption Assumable Assume  
Authority Authorized / authorizable Authorize  
Creativity / Creation Creative Create Creatively
Distribution / Distributor Distributive Distribute Distributively
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