IELTS Speaking part 2; Topic card: your favourite clothing/ dress/ attire

In this topic we are going to talk about the speaking part of IELTS test. This post is based on part 2. Here we are going to show a model answer for favourite clothing. You may also find it in the exam as favourite dress, attire or special clothing.

IELTS Speaking part 2; Topic card: your favourite clothing/ dress/ attire

Model answer:

Thank you very much for the topic card. I am asked here to talk about my favourite clothing. Well, people around the world put on different sorts of clothing and the garments vary because of geological location and seasonal changes,. For me, the most preferable is wearing jeans clothes, especially jeans pant and shirt.

Jeans are very familiar clothing items and they are available all the time and mostly popular among the youths like me as well as middle-age people. I like to wear jeans pant and shirt always even when I attend in any official event. The most significant advantage of wearing jeans clothing is that they do not look unclean as quickly as the other types of clothing do. Besides, you can have the pant and shirt of all size and shape and are sold at a sensible price. You can find them in different colours and attractive patterns and designs too. It creates a smarter look in some cases than the formal dresses.

Generally, this cloth is like all the other available clothes, and fashioned from jean fabric but it is unique in the logic that it lasts longer than the other dresses. Jeans is a little heavier in weight and thus the attires made with the cloths are of higher quality. Besides, the colours are also smart and able to get attentions of the adjacent people for the distinguished design. The pants and shirts prepared with jeans cloths are like customary shirt and pants but you can use them both for formal and informal purposes whereas the other clothes are not suitable to serve the same purpose at the same time.

Thank you.

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