IELTS speaking, Individual Long Turn/ cue card: A book that influenced you

Hi. Today we shall have a look at this a IELTS speaking part 2 / cue card sample. Here, we are dealing with a widely known topic which is A book which had a great influence in you. You can always change the sample answer according to your choice.

If you can talk about this topic, it is easy for you cover some other similar task cards like:

Your favorite book, A book which you like, An influential book, A book that changed your life etc.

Model Answer:

One of many books that massively influenced me in my school life is called “A Time of Gifts” by Patrick Leigh Fermor.

This is the first of three book in which Patrick Leigh Fermor narrates the trip he completed across Europe, from Holland to Istanbul. He did the whole journey mostly on foot. He did it all alone, without any company which began in 1933. Amazingly, he was just 18 years old then.

This book deals with the life, happiness, sadness and inner-picture of a teenager. Without any idea of the outer world, a boy explores across Europe.

As a literary masterpiece, this book greatly influenced me by showing that huge adventures can be easily undertaken without much planning. You don’t need large amounts of money or big, gigantic equipment for an adventure. I mean, an 18-year old can walk across Europe without GPS, internet and a mobile phone. What more surprising can it be? I even thought of starting my own journey alone into the wild after reading this book.

This is a true account of the English boy who slept in barns, in fields, in gypsy camps, but who was also invited to monasteries, mansions and castles and eventually ends up in a relationship with a Romanian princess. This made me wonder, “What a life!” again and again. As I went through the book, I went after his masterful lyrical descriptions of the landscape, his encounters with citizens from all parts of community and his study of the political, communal and cultural changes which took place between the two world wars.

I would recommend everyone to read “A Time of Gifts” so that they can understand the true power of a young, fresh mind. If you are a person of indomitable spirit, this book is for you.

That’s all. Thank you.

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