IELTS AC & GT Writing Task 2: Cambridge 14 Test 4; essay on managing personal business; elderly or young people as company leaders; with discussion and model answer

IELTS AC & GT Writing Task 2: Cambridge 14 Test 4; essay on managing personal business; with discussion and model answer

This IELTS Writing Task 2 post offers the insights of writing a great answer to a  discussion topic. This discussion topic asks the candidates to provide points on managing own business and problems related to managing a business. In this post, you will find a plan and some discussion that can help you to write this answer effectively along with some brainstorming ideas.  You will also find a great model answer which can help you build your own answers for other discussion topics.

Let’s take a close look at the question first:

IELTS AC & GT Writing Task 2: Cambridge 14 Test 4; essay on managing personal business; with discussion and model answer

Let’s scan the essay title first.

Our topic is self-employment. Self-employment means mostly maintaining a business entrepreneurship by investing money and working as an owner rather than doing work for other companies or organizations.

We are asked to write a response to two questions.

  1. Why might this be the case?

So, we need to write what the reasons are behind this matter. And

  1. What could be the disadvantages of being self-employed?

So, we need to write what problems self-employed people face in maintaining their business.

Here is the essay structure for you:


Paraphrase the question title and outline your thesis statement.

Body Paragraph 1:

Describe why people like to start their own business with some examples. Show at least two prime reasons.

Body Paragraph 2:

Describe what problems people face running their personal business with some examples. Show at least two problems.


Restate what you have said in the previous paragraphs in brief.

Now, let’s have a look at the model answer.

Model Answer:

Numerous individuals these days choose to work for themselves rather than being utilized by other people or big organizations and this scenario is becoming more prevailing day by day. This exposition talks about the main causes behind this as well as the disadvantages of such a career.

Two prime reasons compel many individuals choose to end up being self-employed. The primary one is that individuals nowadays are getting encouraged to become entrepreneurs since they see running their personal businesses as an energizing challenge and being independent. As an example, after working for a primary school for 5 years I became bored and so I began my own online IELTS educating company so that I can find my work more fortifying. Besides, directing a personal trade can lead to superior long-term career prospects. Working hard for personal trade and gratifying some clients can create a huge impact which turns into goodwill and these customers trust and invest their money on the business and benefits can be easily derived from them directly.

However, creating and managing a business has its own pitfalls. To begin with, people need to venture into alien and challenging environments and there is a huge risk of acquiring no income. For example, I remember one of my friends starting a poultry farm on her own and due to her poor management skills she failed to attract enough customers. She had to sell the business eventually accepting a humongous loss. Furthermore, it can be quite frustrating for people to run a unique business as they may not get the much-needed resources and skilled manpower. My uncle, for instance, had an IT firm in the 1990s in his hometown but he could not run it accordingly as he was unsuccessful to find the resources and manpower.

In fine, enterprising a new personal business should be encouraged because people want to be independent. Nevertheless, they should keep in mind the risk and pressure they are taking and prepare themselves first by educating themselves entirely and only then they can hope for successful entrepreneurship.

(340 words)

The bold words in the answer are cohesive devices that makes the answer look more organised.

Click here for a model answer to the following essay:

The leaders or directors of organizations are often elderly people. However, some say that young people can also take the lead of organizations or companies.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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